One of My Favourite Resources

Just a short post today where I thought I would share a resource that I found almost a year ago and have used with multiple classes since. This resource works as a starter, main activity or plenary depending on the class and where in a sequence you want to do it.

This resource is from William Emeny (@Maths_Master) and was posted on his excellent Great Maths Teaching Ideas website. It is a card sort of famous number sequences as shown below

The high resolution pdf version can be found on his site here. I think it is great how for each sequence you are matching the name, a pictorial representation, a way to produce the sequence, a fact about the sequence and the first few terms of the sequence. There are six sequences contained in this card sort

  1. Even numbers
  2. Odd numbers
  3. Square numbers
  4. Fibonacci numbers
  5. Cube numbers
  6. Triangle numbers

Thanks again for sharing it!

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