For the Love of Books

Back in May, there seemed to be a craze of posting “shelfies” of our book collections; as mine are spread out over numerous shelves I collated all of mine into a blog post.

Unfortunately I can’t remember who started this (if it was you please come forward!) but many of us on Twitter shared photos of books and briefly mentioned some of your favourite ones. I said about how it would be good to have a central list of books that have either been recommended or reviewed by us on Twitter, maybe listing some of the things that were good about the books.

After this, Stuart Price (@sxpmaths) set off and created website where we could submit books and links to reviews etc to do exactly this. I couldn’t really believe how quickly he got this website¬†up and running.


Unfortunately until now, I haven’t gotten around to submitting any reviews or mentions, but this academic year I plan to change this. I am aiming to give myself some reading time every day (even if it is just 15 minutes) so that I can start to work through my large backlog of books,¬†post¬†reviews on my blog and then send to Stuart to update his site.

I’d really like to encourage other people to submit books and reviews to Stuart too, I think it could become a valuable reference if collaboratively we build it up so that it is fairly comprehensive.

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