#mathsjournalclub TONIGHT!!!

Very short post today to just promote the first #mathsjournalclub discussion tonight between 8pm and 9pm. We are going to be talking aboutĀ “A Glimpse into Secondary Students’ Understanding of Functions” by Brendefur, J, Hughes, G and Ely, R which is availableĀ hereĀ if you haven’t read it yet.

Last week I posted some possible themes for the discussion, for convenience I have reproduced them below:

  • What did you think were the key points of the article?
  • Do you agree with the four ways given that “students typically represent functional relationships: graphs, tables, verbal descriptions and equations” ?
  • Has this article impacted on how you introduce and teach the understanding of functions?
  • What are the limitations of the article/research?

The more people who can take part the better the discussion will be so I really would love it if you could make it tonight.. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mathsjournalclub in all your tweets so that I and others can follow the discussion.

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