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On the 24th August between 8pm and 9pm the first #mathsjournalclub discussion took place. We were talking about the article ‚ÄúA Glimpse into Secondary Students‚Äô Understanding of Functions‚ÄĚ by Brendefur, Hughes and Ely. Discussion was frantic – this is an attempt to provide some kind of record.

Today was the first #mathsTLP chat of the new term, so I thought I would list the great maths CPD chats that all maths teachers (and especially NQTs) should get involved with. I have learnt so much from all these chats over the last year.

#mathsTLP : This excellent chat organised by Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) and Ed Southall (@solvemymaths) is dedicated to teachers sharing ideas and plans for lessons and takes place on Sundays between 7pm and 8pm. Since it has been running I have got some great lesson ideas. Join in and share your ideas, there is always someone you can help and always someone to help you when you are stuck.

#mathscpdchat: This is a chat organised by the NCETM every Tuesday 19:00-20:00. A wide variety of topics are discussed and this is a very popular chat with lots of people contributing. I have been asked to host the first one of the new term, so this is a bit of a promo – take part!!

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#mathschat: Weekly chats organised by¬†@BetterMaths¬†and AQA that take place on a Wednesday for an hour at 8pm. You can vote for the topic of the next week’s poll at¬† These chats are starting back this Wednesday (2nd September) and I am looking forward to taking part again.

#mathsbookclub: This is an excellent chat organised by¬†@MathsBookClub¬†on a bi-monthly basis. This was the brainchild of Hannah (@MissRadders)¬†and Victoria (@sundayteatime) and¬†a great book is always chosen. The current book¬†is “How Not To Be Wrong” by Jordan Ellenberg (I wonder if¬†@JSEllenberg¬†will take part) and the chat is on Tuesday 13th October at 8pm. I’m enjoying re-reading bits of this book in preparation, get your copy now so you can take part! They also have a separate hashtag that acts as a slow chat #mbcslowchat if you want to discuss the book as you read.

#mathsjournalclub: This is a new chat organised by¬†@mathjournalclub¬†(well me in disguise…) where every two months we select a journal article to read and then discuss during an hour one Monday evening. The first one of these took place on Monday 24th August – check out the Storify¬†here. Check out more details of the discussion in my post about it. The next poll to select the article will go live tomorrow, 31st August and the chat will take place towards the end of October.

Some general guidance on how to take part in a twitter chat is contained in this great post by Danielle Bartram (@missbsresources) on social media and blogging in general.

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