Complex Loci

Complex loci and transformations in the complex plane are probably my least favourite topics to teach in A-Level Further Maths. It feels very negative to say that, but I don’t think I am alone! I also think it is one of the hardest topics for students to get their heads around in the further maths A-Level.

Last week I posted on Twitter asking if anyone had a complex loci card sort and Hannah (@LorHRL) pointed me into the direction of this one on TES. However being a Mac user it wasn’t easy for me to open the Microsoft Publisher file I decided to make my own using Geogebra.

Download the card sort here to use with your classes. 

One reply on “Complex Loci”

Hi Tom, at Desmos we’ll be releasing a card sort authoring tool in the near future. We’d like to release it preloaded with some useful card sorts and we thought the card sort you posted here fit the bill. Would you let us consider re-creating it in our software and releasing it when we launch?

We won’t sell any of your work.
We will release it for free use and modification by teachers.
We’ll credit you.

Let me know!

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