Mathsconf 9 and Two A-Level Topics

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting on here much over the last few months. This is because I am co-editing the new Tarquin Group series of A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics textbooks. These books are being written completely from scratch for the new A-Level 2017 syllabus and I will share more of the philosophy behind these books over the next week.

Ed Hall, the other editor and I presented two topics from the A-Level course that have increased prominence in the new syllabus: Differentiation from First Principles and the Newton-Raphson Method.

The Prezi that we used is embedded below.

As part of the workshop we discussed four Geogebra apps that will be embedded into the digital version of the textbook. Links to these are below:

Please let me know any of your thoughts and comments about the presentation and the Geogebra files.

One thought on “Mathsconf 9 and Two A-Level Topics

  1. Diff from first principles extremely good news. Finally students won’t have to do a “trust me” for Dsinx = cosx etc 🙂

    Would also like to see (formal) limits and continuity plus some discussion of “slightly” less friendly fns (e.g. unbounded, discontinuous – at points/everywhere – non-differentiable at a point etc)

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