AQA Core Maths 2017 Analyser

This is a post to share something that may be useful for teachers of AQA Core Maths who have mocks coming up.

For the last couple of years I have made my own QLA analysers for Sixth Form mocks I have done, but I haven’t routinely made them for Core Maths. The main reason I do this is because I like to have a whole qualification in one file as opposed to different analysers for each paper.

I have now done so for the 2017 sitting of AQA Core Maths.

There is a main headline page that displays paper marks, calculates grades based on the option selected (I do both grades from the official boundaries published by AQA and also inflated boundaries where I add a few marks to each grade). On this page you also paste in your students’ names in to the top row.


As you can see above each paper then has a QLA page where question by question you enter the marks scored. On this page there is a brief description of the question topic, the maximum mark available and then space to enter data. This should all be validated and not allow you to enter a mark higher than the maximum mark available for a question, for example. The cells are then formatted on a sliding scale from red for 0 marks to green for full marks per question.


If you think this would be helpfully then the file can be downloaded here.

AQA Core Maths Analyser 2017

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