Engaging With Academia

If you follow me on Twitter then you probably know that I am pretty passionate about engaging with academia, both in terms of bringing current mathematical research into the classroom (if possible) and by engaging with the mathematical education community.

I feel pretty lucky in that I am based near Nottingham with the University of Nottingham on my doorstep. Not only has it got a beautiful campus and a great maths department but is also the home of The Centre for Research in Mathematics Education (CRME) convened by Malcolm Swan

Among others, Jeremy Hodgen (@JeremyHodgen), Colin Foster (@colinfoster77), Peter Gates @petergates3), Geoff Wake (@geoffwake1), Diane Dalby, Andy Noyes and Mark Simmons (@simmo1363) are all based at the CRME.

They hold an excellent series of seminars during term time, which I try to go to – I think I went to most of them this year – and are well worth the time.

If you have something similar near to you I would recommend that you get involved, and if you are near the CRME come to some of the seminars next year.

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