This coming academic year my school is going to a two week timetable – in an effort to not get confused I wanted to put it in to my iCloud Work Calendar. With it being a two week timetable, punctuated by half terms and holidays this is a non-trivial task and I was expecting to have to write a bit of python to generate an iCal .ics file to avoid repeatedly entering the same data.

However, I then came across (pretty much by accident) this very useful site www.timetable2calendar.comScreenshot 2015-08-26 22.50.04 This site has been created by Andrew Caffrey (@MrCaffrey) and it works pretty smoothly to generate a calendar .ics file for each half term. I am very grateful that this site is out there as the .ics format isn’t the nicest really…..

Give a try, .ics files work with outlook and Google Calendar too.




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