Engaging With Academia

If you follow me on Twitter then you probably know that I am pretty passionate about engaging with academia, both in terms of bringing current mathematical research into the classroom (if possible) and by engaging with the mathematical education community. I feel pretty lucky in that I am based near Nottingham with the University of […]

A MathsJam Puzzle

This week was MathsJam week, and I really liked the puzzle that @KathrynHTaylor shared with us. I’ve reproduced it below: Can you do it and have you got an answer? There are 50 seats on an aeroplane, and 50 people with numbered (in ascending order) tickets queing to board the plane. The first passenger doesn’t bother checking […]

For the Love of Books

Back in May, there seemed to be a craze of posting “shelfies” of our book collections; as mine are spread out over numerous shelves I collated all of mine into a blog post. Unfortunately I can’t remember who started this (if it was you please come forward!) but many of us on Twitter shared photos […]

Parental Anxiety with Mathematics

It is well known that for some people mathematics causes great anxiety and an article from the Telegraph by Javier Espinoza (@JaviereTMG) last Tuesday (11th August) reported on research linking parental maths anxiety to lower attainment in mathematics by their children. Have a read… Aside from the fairly awful headline (ability and attainment are not necessarily […]

One Week Till #mathsjournalclub

So, this holiday seems to be going pretty quick, and it we are now only a week away from the first #mathsjournalclub discussion! Next Monday (24th August 2015) at 8pm we are going to be discussing “A Glimpse into Secondary Students’ Understanding of Functions” by Brendefur, J, Hughes, G and Ely, R. The paper is here if you […]

Whitstable Maths

I sometimes like to show photos in a lesson and ask either specific maths questions prompted by the photo or a general “What maths can you see?” These are pretty good when what I had planned finishes a bit too early – especially if I can tie the photos into the maths we have been […]

Very Short Introductions – Book Review 1

I love the “Very Short Introductions” series by Oxford University Press as generally they are very well written and accessible to a general audience but not patronising.   Number 260 in this series, “Numbers” by Peter M. Higgins is no exception to this rule. The text flows nicely, and (considering the brevity of the text) is […]

The Damn Quotient Rule

Last night Kirsty and I had Tom (@tomJwicks) and his girlfriend Charlotte over for dinner. I’ve known Tom a long time – in fact since he did a summer project in the maths department at Nottingham when he was an undergraduate. He is almost at the end of his PhD and from September will be taking […]

A Picture of Tea

Earlier on today I took the picture below of my tea cup (Lipton Passionfruit and Raspberry black tea, brought back from Madeira if you are interested) I’ve always liked seeing this pattern at the bottom of a tea cup and I’m sure many of you recognise it as an example of a caustic curve. This […]

FMSP Favourite Problems – Number 3

After far too long an hiatus I am continuing with my discussion posts on the 6 problems that the Further Mathematics Support Programme, FMSP (@furthermaths) have selected for their “Favourite Problems” poster series. Problem 3 is described on their poster shown below: This is actually a pretty interesting problem, with a very low threshold for […]